About Us

About Us

We believe it our DUTY as a good corporate citizen to make a positive impact on our communities!

Some of our important business practices include:

  • As a certified minority-owned business, we are committed to diversity in our workplace and with our business partners.
  • We support our communities through charitable giving and volunteerism for events such as the Anaheim Health Fair which provides free medical screenings and services for the community.
  • We recycle damaged tablecloths via our restoration services by transforming them into usable, smaller tablecloths, napkins, or laundry bags.
  • Our tablecloths are made with durable fabrics that enjoy a longer useful life than other linens in the marketplace today.
  • We minimize natural gas and electricity consumption by utilizing innovative heat transfer and lighting technologies.
  • We partner with sustainable companies who are committed to water and energy conservation as well as eco-friendly packaging and safety.
  • We do NOT use perchloroethylene (PERC) within our Laundry Plants which can cause harm to humans and animals.
  • We support waste prevention through the use of recycling programs for paper, boxes, bottles, and batteries.


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