We Are Here to Help You with Rental Returns

We Are Here to Help You with Rental Returns

These 4 quick tips are just what you need to save yourself time and money when returning linens to us.

  1. When collecting or sorting linens after your event make sure to look for our RFID chip. It's common for linens from other vendors to be mistaken as a GBS.

2. Please use our rental bags to avoid other vendors accidentally picking up a GBS rental return.

Will Call/Truck Service: our royal blue or yellow

Shipping Service: our black canvas bags

3. We suggest having a separate designated linen area or bin for GBS. This will help alleviate linens being mixed or picked up by the wrong vendor.

4. Any linens not used should be placed in the GBS rental bags, so they are not missed at the time of pick up.

For questions about our rental return process, please visit our FAQ page or schedule a 15-min meeting with our Asset Team.