We carry the industry’s most extensive line of table linens and chair covers in seven large warehouse facilities across the nation. Most importantly, we’re proud of the quality of our linens and our innovative inventory tracking system which ensures that every event is magical.


What’s great about buying linen from a company that rents as well? When you need to sub-rent additional items for a large event, your colors will match perfectly! We also provide custom designs to meet your specific needs.


We utilize specialized equipment to get your linens clean, pressed, and ready for every event. Each item is packaged with its own hanger, bag, and color-coded size tag. With the capacity to wash several thousand pounds of linen per hour, we offer a 2 day turn-around for your linen… and FREE* pick-up and delivery!

* Certain terms and condition apply


Why throw away linen that is damaged? We offer restoration services to analyze your linen and determine if your linen can be cut down to smaller sizes and brought back to useful life.